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BIT Institute is a non-profit education provider that seeks to inspire learning throughout the world by leveraging on digital technologies to provide quality, and cost-effective delivery of online educational content. Through the portal, BIT Institute BIT Institute vision is to inspire learning through knowledge sharing.

Vision & Mission of BIT Institute

The vision of BIT Institute is to “Inspire learning and innovation through knowledge sharing”. The BIT Institute is delivering on this vision by engaging on the mission of providing a gateway to global quality knowledge and expertise, using a freemium model that provides opportunity to all who are inspired to learn and innovate for the future.

Values & Culture
At BIT institute, we want to foster a culture of sharing to reach billions around the world who are inspired to develop themselves through knowledge sharing, creativity and quality. The organizational culture we adhere to respects BIT Institute is run by a Board of Governors, comprising eminent scholars cognizant of educational challenges, particularly of relevance to the continent of Africa. BIT Institute is headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa. The choice of South Africa was deliberate: South Africa provides the necessary digital infrastructure that is core to the realization of the vision and mission of the Institute.
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At BIT Institute we believe in the sharing economy that is being fuelled by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Through the portal, we encourage:

  1. Digital Transformation ACM Chapter Workshop 20th February 2018
  2. 2019 Open Innovations Conference 2-4 October 2019
  3. Article Writing Workshop 25th March 2019
  4. Data Science Workshop TBA

BIT Institute seeks to support individual start-ups. In 2019, BIT Institute is teaming up with the 2019 Open Innovations Conference to provide a platform for start-up companies and individuals to “pitch” their ideas to potential financiers. More information will be availed soon.

Online Academy

We want to inspire learning through sharing of quality knowledge and expertise throughout the world. Through the portal, BIT Institute will provide access to the global network of scholars to provide online educational content that spans all the Business, Innovation and Technology (BIT) disciplines. Click on the Online Academy link ( to register for any course for free and learn about our instructors.

Research & Publications

BIT Institute focuses on “cutting edge” research on topics relevant for the BIT themes of Business, Innovation & Technology. The following key menus will fall under Research & Publications:

BIT Institute Publishing seeks to publish high quality books that focuses on advancing Science on the African continent. BIT Institute Publishing is committed to opening new horizons in African scholarship and Science. BIT Institute Publishing will use extensive partnerships in publishing to meet the needs of stakeholders interested in Science in Africa.

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BIT Institute knowledge and research experts will be providing regular and periodic reports that illuminates the status of Africa from various aspects. The focus of the research reports will be on various industries in Africa, innovations emerging from Africa, and emerging thought leadership in Science.

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Digital Transformation ACM Chapter

BIT Institute is proud to be associated with the Digital Transformation ACM Chapter. Check this section for an update of the calendar of activities.